About me

Hi! I'm Katelyn Hatton. I am a 24 year old daughter, sister, friend and mother to a baby girl in heaven. I've loved creating photographs ever since first picking up a camera at a young age. After high school, not feeling that pursuing photography was feasible, I joined the military. I moved from Ohio, where I was born and raised, to Delaware, my first duty station. In the last couple of years of my 4-year enlistment as an Air Force C-17 electrician, I truly dove head first into building my portfolio and learning everything that I could learn so that I could start my business upon separating in November 2015. I also heard the mountains calling my name at this time and ended up in the beautiful state of Utah, which I have fallen in love with when it comes to the scenery and with the people that I've met. I feel that I am living out my dreams in a state that will be my forever home.

I love everything about love. I love Jesus, traveling, loose leaf tea, tattoos, Harry Potter, florals, minimalism, sushi, bad reality tv, dainty gold jewelry, my two cats, reading and music. I also love a baby girl named Avery Faye, who I gave birth to on August 9th, 2016 and who went to be with Jesus on October 5th, 2016 at 8 weeks old. Her heart is still beating today in another baby's body. Everything I do is done with her in mind and I'll live for her until I get to hold her again.

Random facts about me: I own entirely too many mugs. I was a taekwondo state champion when I was 16. I have a large number of cute notebooks that I'll never use. I saved to buy my first "big" camera when I was 17. I play guitar and ukulele. I've been going to concerts since I was 12. I'm obsessed with having eyelash extensions. I much prefer iced coffee over hot, and I prefer hot tea over cold. I can wiggle my nose like a rabbit. I have 4 tattoos and want many more! I don't really like beaches. I will hit snooze at least 4 times before getting out of bed. I crack my knuckles like it's a second job. I'm only 5'2".


if you have one of these coming up - contact me for an amazing deal!

  • Photograph a wedding outside of the US
  • Photograph a proposal
  • Photograph an elopement in the mountains
  • Do a session in a lavender field and in a sunflower field